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Sustainability Reporting

Reporting services from DNV GL - Business Assurance

We can help you manage all facets of reporting.

We are one of the world’s leading reporting service providers. Our knowledge and depth of experience in the rapidly evolving landscape of sustainability reporting has been gained through supporting global clients on all aspects of their corporate responsibility strategy.

Not only can we help you develop a report, we bring a depth knowledge and understanding of the issues covered within a report, helping you to communicate these issues to stakeholders effectively and in a balanced way.

How can we help you?

We supports clients in navigating through the complexities of sustainability reporting. From defining materiality, conducting interviews or site visits to gather data, engaging senior management into the process, advise on GRI and Integrated Reporting guidelines, and awareness of the constantly changing regulatory landscape.

Through planning, data collection, report writing, promotion and engagement, we support clients either through the whole process from inception to publication, or simply support you in the area where you need us the most.

Whether you are a first time reporter or an established reporter looking to develop and improve your approach, we can provide you with the support you require.  

Sustainability Reporting is a powerful tool which can be used to demonstrate leadership, to manage change, and to reduce long-term risks.


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